Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy GF?

GF can be traded at the following venues:
GF GF Price|Live Chart|Crypto Exchange Platform-Spot
GF-USDT Spot | GF Price | AscendEX Spot Trading
Uniswap Interface
  • GF Token Contract: 0x40235ebb15bee5f5e8450d47839488f8c29fb60f
  • Uniswap Pool: 0x40235ebb15bee5f5e8450d47839488f8c29fb60f

What blockchain is GF built on?

GF is built on the BEP-20 blockchain. The team is currently assessing other blockchains and layer 2 solutions, and will make an announcement soon.

What is GF?

GF is the governance and utility token for the GF protocol. It is an ERC-20 token with a maximum supply of 50,000,000. Full tokenomics can be found here.

What are GFTokens?

GFTokens are LP tokens received by LPs when liquidity is supplied to a borrower pool.
  • GFTokens are BEP-20 tokens
  • They represent the amount of liquidity supplied to a pool
  • They accrue the interest rate for the pool
  • They represent the credit risk profile of the pool borrower
Coming soon!
  • Secondary market trading
  • Token stripping

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